Friday, January 14, 2011

To Tye, at 14 months

Dear Tye,
You've reached a point in your young life when you're growing so fast, I can hardly keep up.  And I love it.  Two days before Christmas, you used your first sign to communicate by signing "all done" when you finished on the potty.  All of the sudden, the simple signs we've been using just clicked, as if a light bulb went on and showed you that you could communicate.  Since then, you're signing all done, more, eat, water, and milk (to nurse).  Combined with pointing , you're able to gesture to communicate what you want most of the time.  When you can't, you become frustrated, understandably.  That motivation will keep you learning.

A couple of days after we returned from our family trip to Palm Beach, I discovered something shiny, white, and hard in the back of your mouth- your upper molars, just beginning to push through your gums.  You poor thing- you had a blood blister over one of them, and they've been giving you a hard time.  If we adults were the ones with sharp new teeth pushing through our gums, being heavily medicated would be the social norm.  True, we're flying through our homeopathic gels and drops for you.  I just wish there was something else I could do to ease your pain.  

Fortunately, nursing seems to take off the edge at night when it's worst.  You're so busy exploring during the day, you only nurse about 4 times a day now.  It may make these recent all-night nursing sessions easier for me, because I look forward to cuddling with you in bed each night so much that I don't mind.  Still, I'll survive when you decide to sleep longer chunks of the night again, so feel free to move that direction whenever those teeth ease up.

This past month included Christmas, which you just loved.  Christmas Eve brought a huge snowstorm, and you laughed and laughed as we carried you around the yard.  By Christmas morning, you were a present-unwrapping professional, even if you did have a hard time knowing whether the box or the contents were the real gift.  Candy canes were a real hit with you this year (thanks to Daddy), as were the neighborhood Christmas lights.  You also enjoyed the red wooden bead garland on the tree, which you pulled off the branches to drape around your neck like a necklace every opportunity you found.  

Sometimes when I look at you, I am absolutely amazed by the little person you've become.  As you walk from place to place, interacting with people, animals, and objects along the way, I'm in awe of the huge personality in your tiny body.  Watching you grow brings me so much joy.  It is happening so fast, I find myself afraid to blink for fear I may miss it.  I'll just keep working on treasuring every day, no matter what it brings.  

Happy 14 months, Tye.  I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Love, Mama

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  1. awh, happy 14 months! hope those teeth hurry on up; that can't be any fun for Tye :(


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