Monday, December 6, 2010

Seattle Recap

We returned from Seattle last night to arrive to 16 degree temps and several inches of snow in Chicago.  Brrrrr!  Winter finally arrived while we were gone.  Both flights went incredibly well, with long naps helping to pass the time (yesterday's nap was two and a half hours out of the four hour flight!).  The nursing was a total non-issue, except for one hilarious incident.  As Tye and I sat in the aisle seat and nursed, the male passenger across the aisle bumped Tye's head with his elbow as he stood.  To apologize, he started to pat Tye's head, completely unaware that we were mid-nursing session.  In response to the friendly greeting, Tye immediately pulled her head back to smile and give a great big "HI!", leaving my nipple exposed.  The poor guy then sprinted to the bathroom in the back of the plane.  Tyler and I got a good laugh out of it.  

In Seattle, we visited friends from our years in Ithaca who have relocated there, including the family who hosted us, Laurie, Josh, and their 11 month old son, Brady.  Brady and Tye were instantly close friends and had a great time playing together, and having another couple with similar parenting styles with whom we could share kid stories was just so much fun.  
Sharing between friends
Everywhere we went, from Pike Place market, through downtown Seattle, to a Vietnamese lunch in the International District and to the market nearby and out for brunch, our kiddos bounced around in our matching brown Ergo carriers, waving to and saluting each other.  
A rare quiet moment...
Tyler and I also attended the Illini basketball game against Gonzaga with Josh and our other friends from Seattle (Laurie very graciously offered to watch Tye and Brady- a supermom move!), and had a great time cheering the Illini to victory amid the Zags fans. The weather was beautiful all weekend, so we were provided gorgeous views of the mountain ranges in each direction after the morning mist evaporated.  

It was a beautiful trip.  I truly love Seattle.
Pike Place Market


  1. What a great picture! We have been to Seattle a couple of times and LOVE it! Sounds like a fun trip :)

  2. sounds like a great trip! i went to seattle last march and back in summer '08. honestly, the more i think about the nursing her on the plane thing, guys like your aisle neighbor probably have NO CONCEPT of how 'old' she is and how long is 'average' age for nursing. he probably just thought she was a baby and that's what babies do! (i know my husband would be like that; clueless!)


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