Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We now return to our feature presentation...

Whew.  It's been a while, huh?  Tye and I just returned from a long trip and despite my best efforts, updating on the road just wasn't happening.  After spending the 4th of July with Tyler's parents (which seems like forever ago), Tye and I left the next day for LA.  From LA, we drove to Lake Arrowhead for my dear friend Jackie's wedding- by far the most gorgeous wedding I've ever seen, hands down.  Jackie was more beautiful than any bride I've ever seen in a magazine, and every detail was perfect, down to the itsy-bitsy wooden clothespins she used to clip place cards to handmade twig and hemp clotheslines.   After the wedding, Tyler and I spent a night in LA at a chic hotel we never could have afforded without using hotel reward points.  It was the kind where the concierge calls guests by name and the rooms come with plush bathrobes, and where celebrities are spotted at the pool sipping drinks more expensive than my meals.  Wow.  What a break from reality.

After such a fairy tale-ish long weekend, facing the daily grind Monday was hard, sooo.... While the original plan was for Tye and myself to return home from LA, we decided- as we were checking in for our flight- to instead join Tyler in flying to Dallas, where he working this week.  Tye and I visited with Tyler's grandparents and Aunt Lori, chatting, shopping, and swimming, and saw bits of Tyler in the evening.   Finally, today, we flew home, and it feels like weeks since we've been here.

Between all the wedding events, sight seeing, and family time, I learned something on our trip.  Despite the beautiful Lake Arrowhead scenery, the breathtaking bride, the many "firsts" for Tye, and the time with friends and family from far away... I didn't take one picture the entire trip.   I need to hire a photographer.

P.S.- Congratulations, Jackie and Bryan!

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